Department Position email
Rachael Howze Administration Prinicipal
Jamie McHan Administration Administrative Assistant
Jill Perry Administration, Elementary, Middle/High School Guidance Counselor, Student Services, Technology, Speech
Rena Howell Administration Accounts and Bookkeeping
Randy Hays Support Information Technology Director
Chase Cantrell Administration, Elementary, Middle/High School Athletic Director, Physical Ed.
Linda Henderson Primary Pre-Kindergarten (PK4)
Roni Dunn Primary Kindergarten
Leeanna Smith Elementary 1st Grade
Kari Driver Elementary 1st Grade
Alyssa Watson Elementary 2nd Grade
Meaghen Howard Elementary 3rd Grade
Amanda Gibbs Elementary 4th Grade
Kathy O'Neal Elementary 5th Grade, 6th Grade
Katie Burney Middle School English and History
Amy Daniel Middle School Math
Donna Langley Middle/High School Math, Spanish II
Lauren Atkins Middle/High School Science
Jack Holbrook Middle/High School Bible, Civics
Allison Siegenthaler Middle/High School English & Spanish I