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Key Features. Oct 11, 2017 ImpOSCar2®. Jan 10, 2018 I can help with all your hardware and software needs. Contact me at [email protected]. Thanks! Jan 10, 2018 I can help with all your hardware and software needs. Title, and other trademarks are of their respective owners. The publisher is not..Join us My family is my inspiration As we have now entered the second week of the new school year we are already seeing a marked improvement in a wide range of school areas. Just the other week I was able to witness a speech and language session in which I observed eight students working in pairs. One of the children in the group was very clearly struggling to speak clearly and couldn’t understand the instruction being given. This child was struggling to make eye contact, and wasn’t able to express how he felt about the session, or who he was. The other pair of children were making progress and their teacher was able to explain exactly what needed to be done to work on the problem. It wasn’t until the other children were working on the same task that one of the pair discovered the problem and told her teacher about it. The teacher then worked with the first child to help him understand his problem, and this led to him eventually making progress and understanding how to solve it himself. That is what happens when you have a teacher who has a child who has DLD, because one of the pair was a child with special needs, as the teacher and the other pair worked through the task it was easy to see which child needed help, and which child could work it out for themselves. With so many children with DLD, it is easy to see which children are struggling, which children are making progress, which children can work things out for themselves and which children need help. I believe that with some careful observation it is also possible to work out which children are not making progress, which children are improving, and which children need extra help. That is what helps teachers to be able to provide the support which will help the children who need it most. I was lucky to be asked to present at the CIDG conference last week about how I went about observing children in the classroom. Having experienced the benefits of having a child with DLD in my own classroom, I wanted to share my experiences with other teachers, so that they could benefit from my experiences. This year is the