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The constants that have remained at CCS throughout are existence are

  1. our Faithful God,

  2. our WHY, and

  3. the commitment and steadfastness the board, school leadership, and amazing servants working in our ministry have shown.

At CCS we promise to continue to focus firstly on the Kingdom,

grounded in faith, so that we (as Christians) will help all we impact to grow to serve all in His name.

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Cullman Christian School
Capital Campaign


It has been 16 years since Cullman Christian School was founded. During its inaugural year, 68 students met in the basement of Eastside Baptist Church. Cullman Christian School has endured many challenges since its beginning, but despite these challenges and roadblocks, we remained full of hope that God would bring a way for CCS to continue to make positive impact for His Kingdom, by partnering with our parents to help students discover, accept and fall in love with Jesus, as their personal savior.

In the summer of 2020, the school moved to its current location on Beech Avenue. Through delivering on our promises, blessing families, and keeping our focus first on the Kingdom CCS
has a desired and effective partner to parents, and more families have joined us. God has brought the increase and we are thankful.


CCS is now packed to capacity, we’ve run out of space, and
need to expand to welcome all those who want to join. We thank you for your prayers and support. By combining His continued provision via your generous gifts, and our focus on FIRST THE KINGDOM we all make additional IMPACT happen for Him.

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•  We can accept more students again! (At present we have 260 students with the use of the Desperation Campus.)

•  Add over 44,000 sq. ft. to the Beech Campus adding 32 classrooms!

•  Athletic Improvements: gymnasium floor, bleachers, new locker rooms and weight room

•  Increased student spiritual and career counseling, while better supporting parents

•  Enhanced personalized student support & intervention

•  Improved campus security

•  Technology improvements

•  STEM program enhancements

•  Spaces for private prayer, informal worship, peer to peer connection and community use

•  Improved parking and traffic flow 

•  More restrooms

•  New cafeteria and kitchen facilities 

•  Current leased modular classrooms removed 

•  Owning our OWN campus for the FIRST TIME

Enrollment Capacity

Increases to

OVER 500 Students


Your Name to (256) 376-9172

Receive Updates and to Join Our Campaign Team

Complete the Form Below to Get Started
How would you like to help?

Thank you! Someone from our team will be in contact with you soon!




Prayer Team

When God's People follow God's instruction to 

"Seek first the Kingdom"

and take BIG steps of faith, 

the Enemy Notices and will attempt to discourage, 

distract, and divide.  

Help CCS stand for God and

join our PRAYER TEAM.  



For CCS to be able to pour into the younger generation, to bless more families and grow our community in faith, we need to grow our 

space.  To do this requires

YOUR support. 

Please fund God's Work through your pledge (payable over 3 years) or through a gift in kind (concrete, windows, roofing, steel, etc).  

Individuals receive a charitable tax receipt and businesses receive advertising and promotion (allowing for 100% of your gift to be 

written off against revenue). 


Mission Partners

One of the greatest gifts you could give to CCS's God given mission 

is to INVITE others!  There are assuredly people in your life that would love to hear about the 

amazing things that God is doing in and through CCS and the big plans that HE has for the future. 

We humbly ask for your ADVOCACY as you help 

spread the word about the campaign.  Your assistance helps "cast the net on the other side" allowing us to invite individuals, families, businesses and churches to join with CCS in taking these steps 

of faith.   There are many within your sphere of influence who CCS might ONLY be able to meet through you.   

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