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CCS offers parents a true academic pre-kindergarten program for 3 year old (PK3) and 4 year old (PK4) learners.

Students must be 3 years old by August 31st. 


Notice to Pre-Kindergarten Parents (PK3 and PK4):

According to 2018 Alabama law, prior to enrolling preschool students, please avail yourself of the following information available here on our website or from the school office:

  • staff qualifications;

  • pupil-staff ratio;

  • discipline policies;

  • type of curriculum used in the learning program;

  • the religious teachings to be given each child;

  • and the type of lunch program available. 


Prior to enrolling and annually thereafter parents or guardian of preschool students, and a responsible individual representing the CCS, will be required to sign and file with DHR affidavits provided that the parents or guardian have been notified by CCS that the School has filed notice and is exempt from regulation by DHR.

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