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Christian education develops a biblical world view. The Bible teaches that we do not need to think like Christians only about religious things. We need to think like Christians about everything. School is about learning facts, but also about learning to think. There are no neutral facts; the point of view and values which surround a fact make the fact complete. Classical education teaches children how to think using reason and logic.

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Joshua Swindall, Ed.D


Dr. Swindall holds a  doctorate in education from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is experienced as a mathematics teacher, prior to going into school administration.  He and his family attend Crosshaven Church, where he serves as the youth minister. Dr. Swindall brings a love of God and children and enthusiasm for Christian worldview training to CCS. 

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Our dedicated and experienced faculty provide the optimal environment for your child's success.

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Board of Directors

The School is governed by a Board of Directors who are members in good standing of various evangelical churches in the community.