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New Student

Preschool-12th Grade - $150

($175 after March 31)

Returning Student

Preschool -12th Grade - $100

($175 after February 28)








Grade 1-12




All Students

PreK-12th Grade


Additional Information

In addition to tuition, the administrative fee is used to equip classrooms, provide student and teacher materials, support curricular enhancements and improve instructional technology. This fee includes rental and usage of textbooks and equipment (which remain the property of CCS). It also covers lab fees, software licenses, weekly readers, consumables, supplies, enrichment, student admittance to home games, standardized academic achievement tests (PSAT, ACT with Writing, Iowa Assessment), admissions testing, and other admission expenses. Also included in this fee, we will provide all your classroom supplies (craft material, lunchroom supplies, printing supplies, cleaning supplies, lab fees) and school supplies (binders, planners, paper). This convenience allows us to buy at a savings and keeps you from having to shop for these items individually.

  • It does not cover individual sports equipment, private lessons, field trip costs, tournaments, competition fees, or annual athletic fees.

  • This fee cannot be discounted and is not covered by any financial aid offered.

  • The administrative fee is nonrefundable whether it is paid in advance of a school year or rolled into monthly tuition payments, unless a student is withdrawn before June 1st of any upcoming school year. This fee is due regardless of when a student registers and is payable to CCS as we make staffing and early curriculum purchases, etc. based on your enrollment. All current students are automatically re-enrolled for the following school year.  If you are registered and elect to withdraw anytime after June 1st you are responsible for this fee for each child. 

Fee schedules are subject to change annually. Fees will not change mid-year. 

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth...For where your treasure is there your heart will be also."  

Matthew 6:19,21


Tuition can be paid yearly or in monthly installments. Monthly payments can be spread over 12 months beginning June 1st (or over 10 months beginning August 1st). We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to enroll for your payment plan with FACTS ManagementCo. which manages monthly billing for CCS. You will be given the option of paying on the 5th or the 20th of each month. Enrollment with FACTS must be completed at least 14 days prior to your first payment date. (Example: If you choose the 5th as your due date you will need to finalize this with FACTS by July 17)  If you want to enroll on the 12 month payment plan to reduce your monthly payment, you will have to enroll by May 17th.)   It will be required that our families enroll with FACTS if they choose to pay by installments. Therefore, AFTER you have paid registration fees AND received a letter of acceptance, you will need to enroll with FACTS and choose a billing option. There is an annual fee to FACTS of $41 or $45 depending on which option you choose. Any questions? please contact the school at 256-734-0734 or FACTS Management Co. at 866-441-4637.​

Tuition Financing-Understanding that your child's education is an investment, several options are available:

  • Since 2018, college savings 529 plans can be used to pay for private school from elementary school onward. This option allows up to $10,000 annual tax-free 529 account (such as Alabama CollegeCounts Fund) withdrawals to pay your CCS tuition.

  • Also, private school's tuition, like CCS, qualify for Coverdale IRA and tax-deferred educational savings plans. Unused balances can be kept for college expenses. Grandparents too can open or deposit to these accounts.

Pastor's Tuition Rate: Cullman Christian School offers a tuition rate to church pastors (full-time and bi-vocational) and to other full-time Christian vocational ministers and missionaries. We recognize there are many ministers in the body of Christ and the Board reserves the right to evaluate the applicability of the pastoral rate to each candidate. The pastor's tuition rate applies to students in K5 - 12th grades only. 

Employees: see Employment page or Handbook for details. 

Limited Other/Optional Fees​

  • Sports fees- based on sport(s)

  • Childcare-Available from 6:30 AM-8:00 AM and 3:15 PM – 5:30 PM for a charge of $5 prepaid per hour ($10 if not prepaid), per child. See the Childcare page for more details.

  • Annual Yearbook



Cullman Christian partners with local and state organizations to provide tuition assistance. These opportunities are selective and based on financial-need.

Call our office or click the icon below for more details.

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