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Click here for HeadMaster Online

HeadMaster Online enables teachers, staff, parents, and students to review information from home.

Parent Login:

  • Monitor child’s progress, grades, attendance, and behavior

  • Keep up with homework assignments and announcements

  • Review class schedules

  • View tuition and cafeteria balances

  • Communicate with teachers

  • View relevant data that is chosen to be shared by Administration and teachers about their child only

Student Login:

  • Check grades received on a recent test or project

  • View homework assignments and announcements

  • Review class schedules

  • Communicate with teachers

1. Get Your User Name and Password Access Codes

The school will give parents and each student a username and password. 

2. Site Number for CCS

Enter Site # 149895

3. Log In

Whenever you want to check your grades, just log in here and you'll see your up-to-the-minute grades and assignment scores. Click here to login


Classroom Supply List

click here to see the supplies needed for each classroom

Free On-Line Homework Tutors

available from the Alabama Public Library System. Click here.

Keyboarding Lessons

Practice online keyboarding lessons by clicking here.

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