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Starting school is hard!

Sometimes the transition between being at home and being at school with new people in a new place is tough.  For this reason, CCS Preschool and Kindergarten students are invited to attend two special days designed to help with the beginning of school transition. 

During the readiness days, students will get to know their teacher, meet classmates, and learn about what a school day will look like.  These two fun-filled mornings will include engaging activities and a chance for students and parents to practice drop-off and pick-up procedures.

Register your child to participate by completing the registration application below.

The deadline to register is Thursday, July 18th.

Girl Drawing

Preschool & Kindergarten
Readiness Days

July 29-30, 2024
$35 Registration

Register to Attend Preschool/Kindergarten Readiness Days

July 29-30, 2024


$35 Per Student

T-Shirt Size
Non-Refundable Registration Fee
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